Cheapest Email Marketing Service ( Sendlane Review)

Cheapest Email Marketing Service

Finding a good email marketing service is not very hard to do, so the next best thing to do is to find the Cheapest Email marketing service. In this blog post i will review Sendlane and Awebber which in my opinion are the cheapest email marketing services.

In the world of Internet marketing email marketing really is a necessity it is sometimes referred to as the gold mine off Internet marketing because as a marketer you should be creating an audience or community that you yourself can advertise to, that is why email marketing is referred to as the gold mine of Internet marketing.

If you haven’t got started with email marketing now is the best time before it’s too late, start building your audience today before it reaches the point where you will have to be paying constantly for traffic and relying on SEO which is not very reliable because Google or other search engines can change the algorithms anytime. But if you have a large list of 100,000 subscribers and that continues to grow daily then you will always be in business because you will always have an audience.

Email Marketing Service

Email marketing service providers are in the 100s around the web it’s not hard to find a good provider but it’s very hard to find a cheap provider that also gives quality features, it’s hard to find good email marketing services that offers autoresponders, landing pages, webflow, webforms and a good user interface for campaign creation.

Aweber and SendLane are the two cheapest email marketing services that I have come across, there is also MailChimp but MailChimp does not offer many of those features mentioned above for free. But they do have a wonderful user interface (mailchimp), they also offer free emails until your subscribers number over 2,000 which is a great deal in my opinion but you also will need to have other features to better your email marketing endeavors. So that is why I came to the conclusion that SendLane and aweber is the cheapest that I have come across so far.

SendLane is fast and it also offers a ton of features for only $9 if your list is under 500 subscribers. They also offer all the features that I mentioned above auto-responders, web forms, lovely web flow system, and they also offer a remarkable user interface for creating campaigns.

I will also love to dedicate a special section to their landing page builder, it is so good the templates that have is amazing and it has a very high conversion rate, if you feel like you’re paying your $9 for nothing be sure that you are paying for a quality landing page builder which alone if you should get that service it would be way over $9 if you should use a website like lead-pages. Please look into this video that I have prepared down below and see my SendLane and awebber review.

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