Honest Ebay Dropshipping Tutorial

Honest Ebay Dropshipping Tutorial

In this blog post we will learn how to Dropship on ebay from my Honest Ebay Dropshipping Tutorial. Drop shipping on Ebay is not hard, if you follow my advice accurately and mix that with a little hard work you can do really well at Ebay Drop shipping.

What is Drop Shipping ?

Dropshipping is basically when a retailer of a product gets an order from a customer and then passes that order detail to a supplier who then goes and fulfill that order. The original retailer will then benefit from the difference in pricing. The formula looks something like this ( Orginal Price of Good – Resale Price= Profit/loss).

As you may already know Ebay is a very big marketplace where sellers from around the world can go and sell their goods, after receiving an order the seller will then go and fulfill that order. It is very easy to sell on ebay and make a profit, however most sellers find it hard to keep up with the competition from countries where labor is cheap.

So if i should make and sell a phone from the USA i will have to charge more for that phone because labor is more expensive in the USA, but if i should make that phone in china where labor is cheaper i can sell the phone for a cheaper price because i have a smaller over-head.

So as a USA seller it is easier to buy product from countries with cheaper prices and resell it here in the USA. Please watch this video down below and learn from this Ebay Dropshipping Tutorial  its my complete guide on How to Dropship on Ebay.

Well as you can see in that video drop shipping is not for everybody it takes a lot of hard work and research to find the best products that will give you the most profit and on top of that you have to always remember that shipping from other countries takes a lot longer to reach destinations in the US, because of the distance. That usually makes it hard to survive on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon because they have expensive fees and they expect you to have fast and free shipping as well as Top Notch customer service.


My best advice to you is to check out dropshipping as a experiment but invest your time into creating an audience and having control of the audience like for example building an email list, because then you can decide what you want to provide that audience with in order to make money.


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