Ecwid Aliexpress Dropshipping

Ecwid Aliexpress Dropshipping
Ecwid Aliexpress Dropshipping

Ecwid Aliexpress Dropshipping

In this blog post we will talk about Ecwid Aliexpress Dropshipping. Ecwid is online integrable shopping cart that can merged even with your Facebook page. I started ecwid aliexpress dropshipping about 6 months ago, my results have been rather interesting. So let me bring your through my results so far.

What is Aliexpress ??

Aliexpress is basically a Chinese Amazon or Ebay, except it’s much bigger than these two. AliExpress is in marketplace where Chinese merchants can sell their goods and services to the rest of the world, Shoppers and dropshippers take advantage of this company because off the very affordable price points.


What is Dropshipping ?

Dropshipping is simply selling a good or service that you yourself did not create or have any physical contact with. The best way to describe it is when you visit AliExpress and purchase a product for a customer that recently ordered on your website, this customer ordered the product from you assuming that you had the product physically in hand, but you then go out and order the product from a Chinese Merchant who made the product, you then purchase the goods at a cheaper price point than what you sold it for, dropshipping was born at that time.

Ecwid Aliexpress Dropshipping
Ecwid Aliexpress Dropshipping

How to get started with Ecwid Aliexpress dropshipping ?

In order to get started you would simply have to first sign up for ecwid and create an account for AliExpress, then search to find the right product that will sell quickly and cheaply but will also make you a profit.Carefully watch this video down below as I will show you how I got started with AliExpress and dropshipping.

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Ecwid (Free Ecommerce) –

Aliexpress –


As you may have seen in the video AliExpress ecwid dropshipping is not very very hard as a matter of fact it is basically the same thing as Shopify AliExpress Drop Shipping but in this case using accurate is cheaper and dinner the easier to maneuver.

So in conclusion do not wait or watch another video or read another article go out and start your ecwid AliExpress dropshipping today list your first 10 products for free with ecwid and get started sharing them on Facebook.


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