How To Set Up Collections On Sunfrog Shirts

How To Set Up Collections On Sunfrog Shirts


My Subscribers in the past asked me how to set up collections on sunfrog shirts and that is precisely what I am going to show you today. In the video down below I will show you how you can set up custom collections on sunfrog shirts and start selling more merchandise today.

I will even show you some tricks and traits that I have developed over the years that I’ve been used on sunfrog to sell shirts without paying a sign for advertising.Sunfrog shirts is a place where you can design artworks and put on merchandise it will help you to sell your own unique design on custom shirts hats, leggings and many more customer merchandise.

Sunfrog Shirts is a wonderful website where affiliates and sellers can use the platform to make a lot of money, in this tutorial i will show u how to set up collections on sunfrog shirts affiliate back end.


Hopefully you’ve already learned how to create custom artwork and upload them to sunfrog so that they can be on Shirts, Mugs & more, if not I will gladly direct me to my YouTube channel where I talk more about creating merchandise with sunfrog shirts. In this video I mentioned how to create collections with sunfrog. They are simply one of the best marketing method that you can use when marketing your Sunfrog Merchandise. Here’s how it works, it allows you to bundle all of your affiliate links basically on one page so you have a higher chance of somebody buying through your affiliate link instead of not buying through your affiliate link.

And simply put if you would like to make money online with affiliate marketing your traffic that you are sending to that specific affiliate site have to be going through your affiliate link and not through someone else’s because you won’t get credit for that. So if you send somebody to sunfrog on the main page with your affiliate link chances are after browsing through a number of listings they might lose your affiliate link and whenever they purchase one or more items you might not get credit for that which will in effect be a waste off ads spend.

So if you intend to make money with sunfrog shirts the best way is to create collections even if you create your own artwork you can create your own collection of niche items and bundle them together so that when you promote people would see only your items and can better buy through your affiliate link so you will get a commission from being an artist and an affiliate.So hopefully you have learned from this video a little bit more than you had known before about sunfrog and how to set up Collection with sunfrog shirts. In an upcoming blog post I will talk more about sunfrog shirts and how you can better your marketing efforts and possibly make more money with sunfrog shirts so stay tuned and remember to subscribe.

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