What does China own in the U.S.?

What does China own in the U.S.?

New York’s iconic Waldorf Astoria was purchased by a Chinese company in 2014 for nearly two billion dollar after the acquisition President Obama stop staying here due to be concerns, breaking the decades-long U.S Presidents staying here during the trips to new York. The move was highly symbolic of Chinese money flowing into the u.s. Billions of dollars flow into the u.s. from China in the form of Investments every year and in some parts of New York City it’s widespread Chinese Investments include: 28 Liberty Street and a stake in the General Motors building.

Bank of China paid about Six hundred million dollars for a Midtown skyscraper in 2014, a big name known for her investments is Real Estate Mogul Young Singh a Chinese billionaire whose family acquired a 49% stake in the new york Park Avenue Plaza. In 2011 she came together with investors to buy 40% of General Motors building in 2013. And then there’s a company called H & A group it poured billions of dollars into properties in New York Chicago San Francisco Minneapolis and more but it’s not just real estate. In 2012 a Indochinese company purchased AMC for about 2.6 billion what would make it the world’s largest cinema chain. Chinese investors also bought a 3.5 billion dollar stake in legendary entertainment the company behind Matt Damon Great Wall movie. Chinese investments in the u.s. hit a high in 2017, the next year though it did significantly declined.Reversing the trend just take a look at the China investment monitor which tracks Chinese direct investment into the United States. The figures have generally been on an upward Trend since the tractor was launched in 2000 he King at nearly 46 billion in 2016 then Investments dropped off so why the sudden decline?

Well to understand that we have to go back to the original surge, see Chinese people and businesses were growing wealthier but they were worried about China’s explosive growth slowing after all their Holdings are priced in the Yuan and a drop in the Yuan against other currencies would mean the value of their assets goes down.


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